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Thoughts from a Child Sponsor (pt.3)

By Laura McCarley

March 15, 2021

Finding your child:
After spending MANY Spring Breaks at Ciudad with Lipscomb, I decided to lead a Singles class trip through Harpeth Hills, and I even got “roped into” (there was no convincing necessary!) translating for some amazing citizens of Montgomery, Alabama! One summer, I got to test out my wings as a mission team coordinator while on the island, managing the team and its daily meetings.
My roles were many, but I kept feeling this urge to “do more” with Ciudad de Angeles, Inc. I asked to have my name added to the sponsor list. Committing to this was a BIG.DEAL for me. I overthink, overplan, overquestion, and overworry E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! in life. So I sent my email.
I was asked what I was looking for in a sponsor child, as they love to match sponsors and children intentionally. I had no idea.
The year that I was in Cozumel in March, May, and July, there was a little boy who had just gotten there. Soon after, I was asked if I wanted that boy. I thought and prayed. Then I declined. I had visions of a girl.
I think it was the that same summer that 3 brothers and 3 sisters came. Beto was the youngest by far: few words, lots of wished-for naps, and toddle-running. I would love to say that we made an incredible bond in a week and my life was changed, but that’s not how it went.
I spent that week AGONIZING over which kid would be my sponsor soulmate. I overthought.
But after leaving that week, I knew I wanted that darling boy who was the youngest. I knew that my commitment to this place was solid and for as far forward as I could see, so I decided to make the longest possible commitment at this point and choose the youngest child. A boy.
I felt silly writing that email after having turned down a boy just weeks or months before.
But I’ve never felt silly about the choice since. Beto is my perfect match (more to come on that later this week). And I only post a picture of Landregan in Mexico near the age of that beginning time sponsoring Beto because I truly feel that he in a small way prepared me to be a boy mom.
***If you have any desire to see your finances support kids’ well-being in a place you can visit and spend quality time with them, please please reach out. I’d be happy to give you details of how you can serve and support.