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Thoughts from a Child Sponsor (pt.2)

By Laura McCarley
March 14, 2021
This is the perfect post to reshare for my “Ciudad chat” today. This is from March 2011, before JP entered the picture.
I want to discuss a random- but often undiscussed- aspect of Christianity: finances/offering/contribution.
I’ve heard it said in a few sermons as of late- “I heard the sex talk in youth group more times and at more retreats than I can count, but I don’t remember a time I was taught about money as a Christian.” 🤯
I watched my mom sign a check weekly as a kid and teenager, but it was never mentioned in a class or retreat. How do you give back? And how much? How often? Where does that money go?
Fresh out of college, I found myself a single (POOR) teacher. I had the time, but not the money to do as much mission work as I wanted. I found financial support in a lot of places- many of you reading this now have sent me to Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, and Australia over the past 25 years!
Once I got a handle on my finances, though, I knew I needed to give back. A capital campaign at church helped initiate that concept for me. But then I felt the need to do more than 2 mites at a church in one of the richest counties in the world.
I was scared. Supporting a child until s/he turns 18 is no small commitment- and I was still single; commitment wasn’t yet my strong suit! 🤣
I feared what could go south with my finances, but I trusted God and listened to the strong pull in my gut to give back to this place I loved enough to visit annually with college kids.
“Writing this check” every month is a reminder to me of two basic things. Obviously I think of beto and his house parents. I appreciate the guidance, support and necessities he receives. I smile thinking of family meals at tables where I myself have eaten that happen through support of sponsors.
But additionally, I am reminded of just the simple need to give. The act of sharing my blessings. It’s not much. But I’m thrilled to be able to give it.
And, bonus, I know that my gift goes 100% to Beto’s life and needs. even better? I get to witness the special care and love those dollars provide.