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Thoughts from a Child Sponsor (pt.1)

By Laura McCarley

March 13, 2021

If COVID were not a thing, the McCarley House would’ve had a 3 am alarm and 3-5 of us would’ve been on a plane to Cozumel today. By now, we’d have arrived, had some incredible tacos, grocery shopped, and visited campus. We’d be sweaty and nasty, tired and fulfilled already. 100% covered in hugs, grime, bug bites, and happy tears.

A year ago, we went. Our lipscomb team had been canceled, but we kept our personal tickets and paid the expenses to still go as a family. The US changed quickly and dramatically over the course of that week: schooling, health and safety, perceived feelings of control, all of it.

We were perhaps naive to go. By the time we left to come home, catching a taxi was near impossible as most cozumelians had gone back home to the mainland, given up working, or been encouraged by their bosses not to work.

Morale is equal parts reminiscent and disappointed in casa mccarley this week.

Instead of wallowing this week, I’d like to share what it’s like to spend time at ciudad de ángeles as well as give insight into what it’s like being a sponsor.

I started my sponsorship as a single teacher. I couldn’t love any more the path my sponsorship has taken…