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Spotlight on Chanti


Chanti arrived at Ciudad de Ángeles in July 2003 at the age of six.  She is a people person and likes to talk and meet new people.  Chanti likes to listen to music — mostly pop in English and Spanish — and also likes to play basketball.  She likes pizza, but her favorite food is Japanese food.

Chanti really likes to paint, but says her hobby is shopping!  Her favorite color is purple and she wants to learn how to drive.  When she watches TV, which isn’t very often, she prefers reality shows.  And, she does not like clowns!  They scare her!  She tries to be a good example for her “sisters” — the other girls at Ciudad.

Chanti is working at KaoKao Chocolate Factory and has been there almost a year.  She worked as a greeter and tour guide, until recently receiving a promotion, and is now a “Chocolate Chef,” making chocolate from a top secret recipe.

Chanti is in her third year of university and is working on her Marketing and Business degree.  She is on track to graduate in one more year.  After graduation, she would like to learn more languages, like Chinese, Japanese, and French.  Then, she wants to get her passport and travel to these countries.  She can already say, “Hello. Welcome to the chocolate store,” in Spanish, English, French, Chinese, and Japanese.