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Ciudad Blessing Project

The "Ciudad Blessing Project" has been several weeks in the making.  It is a heart-felt expression of love sent to the children and staff of Ciudad de Ángeles.  Click video box on right to view.  We hope it is a blessing and encouragement to everyone who sees it.

About the Project

One result of the coronavirus pandemic was the cancelling of mission trips and summer visitors to our campus.  Two mission team members who were familiar with "The Blessing UK" and "La Bendición Latinoamerica" suggested that we round up various supporters to sing and send a blessing to Ciudad.  Since they would not be able to be there in person this year, it would be a way of letting the children and staff know that their friends were thinking of them.

A call was sent out to mission teams, sponsors, and other supporters of Ciudad to see who would be interested in participating.  This finished product is the result of many hours of work on their part.
The video was viewed by the children and staff at Ciudad de Ángeles following Sunday morning worship services and was very well received.
Special thanks go to all the participants and to the non-participants who expressed their encouragement and support.
The Singers
Participants in the project were a combination of mission team members, sponsors, and other supporters of Ciudad.  Here are the singers, in order of first appearance:
Mark Bush, Colorado Springs, CO
Matt Elliott, Colorado Springs, CO
Bari Nicolls, Colorado Springs, CO
Patti Keith, Colorado Springs, CO
Tim Carland, Boone, NC
Melina Calderon, Nashville, TN
James & Gay Maclaskey, College Station, TX
Andrea Eller, Tulsa, OK
Milayna Brandon, College Station, TX
Ben Brandon, College Station, TX
Tim Brandon, College Station, TX
Allie Brandon, College Station, TX
Brenda & Ingrid Cuero, College Station, TX
Marcia Drumhiller, Roswell, GA
Caleb McDaniel, Houston, TX
Miram Parks & Sarah West, Atlanta, GA
Missy Altman, Cary, NC
Phil Carland, East Flat Rock, NC