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Marcelina to Receive Cochlear Implants

The Board of Directors of Ciudad de Angeles, Inc. is pleased to share that Marcelina, a child that is under their care at the Cozumel orphanage location, has been approved and scheduled for cochlear implant surgery on June 10, 2014.

Marcelina is profoundly deaf, but is a candidate for cochlear implant surgery.  The level of hearing and speech that could result from this procedure can vary significantly, especially for a child as old as Marcelina.  It is not known if Marcelina could hear when she was an infant, but previous hearing would significantly increase the expected outcomes.  That unknown about prior hearing contributed considerably to the final decision to proceed.

The surgery is scheduled at the UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina under surgeon Dr. Craig Buchman.  Both the hospital and surgeon are notable as working in advanced areas of hearing technologies.  Following surgery, Marcelina will live in North Carolina with Gary and Nancy Gardner for one year.  During that time, Marcelina will need equipment optimization procedures as well as intensive speech and hearing therapy.

Marcelina is nine years old and has lived at the Ciudad de Ángeles children’s home in Cozumel for almost four years.  She has two sisters who also live at the orphanage – Petrona and Maria.  Prior to being taken into child protective services, when Marcelina was three years old, it is only known that the sisters were living a bare existence, in deplorable living conditions with no adult supervision.

James McCreary, Chair of the Board of Directors explains, “It is likely that Marcelina will benefit greatly from the surgery.  At a minimum she should obtain environmental awareness to recognize safety related sounds such as emergency sirens or automobile horns.  With better outcomes, she may be able to develop basic levels of interactive communication.”

Gary Gardner, President, explained that the first year medical and care expenses, which will approach $150,000, are a significant financial investment for the organization.  He shared that the Board demonstrated considerable faith by insisting that any need for funding should not be a major driver for the decision.  Mr. Gardner said, “We are already encouraged that almost half of the required funding has been pledged”; but then added, “there is an urgent need to receive donations, in all amounts, so the organization may meet its financial liability.”

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