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Investing in Angels Campaign

Phase 1 -- Campaign Goal $1,200,000

In very real terms, Ciudad de Ángeles is a young organization. When completed, our campus will serve the needs of 80-110 children and young adults.

The Lord has blessed us and we have recently received six children on our campus. We have room for more and are working with family services in Mexico (DIF) to make that a reality as soon as possible. But, in order to continue moving forward, we need your help with our immediate needs.

Click here to see Architect's Concept video and Transition House floor plan.



Exploding Thermometer

New Transition House  

Through our Transition Program, we help our transition students obtain further education, develop career and independent living skills, and emerge as productive Christians who have the necessary tools to support themselves and provide for a family.

But, our children are reaching age 18 at a rate that has outpaced the capacity of our existing Transition House.  We need immediate help to continue providing housing for our transition students and to assist our children as they grow physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

Child Development Center

Our Child Development Center was completed as a part of the Investing in Angels campaign.  It provides a permanent place for counseling and therapy, so we can better tend to
the mental and emotional health of our children and prepare them for adult life.  There is also an on-campus medical exam/treatment room, which we plan to use for direct care of our children, and as an outreach to the local community through open clinics and medical missions.

We also completed construction of a Maintenance Shop in this campaign.  Your donations allowed us to finish this project without costly delays.

Healthcare and Education

We currently have a full time counselor on our staff, who helps the children learn coping skills and gives them an opportunity to seek guidance with emotional issues.
We have also had a number of children who have required surgery, made trips to the emergency room, or traveled off the island for treatment.  These events have a significant impact on our Healthcare Fund, which covers "major medical" needs.

Another goal of our Strategic Plan is to provide better educational opportunities, which will equip our children to become the next generation of Christian adults who are responsible citizens in the local community. 

Your help will ensure that we have adequate resources in our Healthcare and Education Funds.

In addition to these areas, this campaign will also allow us to install necessary infrastructure (electric, water, and sewer lines, sidewalks, etc.).

Donate Now!

We need your help now to take the next step.  Please join Ciudad de Ángeles in our service to these beautiful children and the cause of Christ!

Mail checks to:  Ciudad de Ángeles, Inc., 5240 Roswell Road NE, Marietta, GA 30062

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