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Sponsor A Child

Financial sponsorship of the children at Ciudad de Angeles is based on sponsor units.  The number of sponsor units for each child is determined by the financial commitment of each sponsor family.  Currently, we seek to have multiple sponsor units/families for each child, so the financial support does not fall on one family, but also in order to provide more opportunities for sponsor family visits each year.

In addition to providing monthly financial support, the sponsor families help reinforce the goals of Ciudad de Angeles. We encourage our child sponsors to become Christian mentors for our children. The relationship between sponsors and their child is enhanced through regular communication, celebrating holidays and visits to Cozumel.

Sponsorship opportunities will vary. We encourage you to become involved with Ciudad de Angeles before attempting to sponsor a child. Our sponsorship program is very different from other models. Many of our sponsor families commit to their child for the entire time he or she remains at Ciudad de Angeles. New children usually arrive during the summer months. If you would like more information about child sponsorship, click here.Click here for more information about child sponsorship. To apply to become a child sponsor, click the button to the left.

Sponsor Stories
Read stories from our child sponsors in their own words. Many of our child sponsors have found that sponsoring a child has changed their lives as well as the life of the child they sponsor.

Sponsor Zone
This is a password protected area for child sponsors to find special sponsor information and communications.