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Sponsor A Child

We are looking for Child Sponsors.

Sponsorship opportunities will vary.  Sometimes we need sponsor families for children who are already in our care.  Other times, we are building a “pre-approved pool” of sponsors for children who will come to us at some point in the future.  We encourage you to become involved with Ciudad de Ángeles before deciding whether or not you want to sponsor a child, by spending time on our campus as a visitor, mission team member, etc.

Why are we so “choosy” about Child Sponsors?

While we welcome anyone who has a heart for children to become a “Ciudad Child Supporter,” Child Sponsors, aka Special Families, are those who assume a higher level of commitment to be involved in a child’s life.  We screen potential sponsors not to be exclusive, but to provide the best match for each child in two important areas:

Sponsors as Extended Family

Most of our children have little or no biological family with which to connect and their time as residents at Ciudad de Ángeles is finite.   Our goal is for Child Sponsors to stay connected to their sponsor child even after that child has left our care.  There is no intention sponsor families would provide unending financial support, but rather, ongoing emotional support — encouraging, advising, celebrating milestones, etc.

Sponsors as Christian Mentors

Ciudad de Ángeles is not merely a humanitarian organization.  While we do provide for the basic material needs of our children, we also share the love of Christ and want them to have an opportunity to develop a relationship with God.  While we are affiliated with Churches of Christ, we do not require Child Sponsors to be members of a Church of Christ.  However, we have adopted a Statement of Faith to explain the spiritual principles we teach our children.  It is our responsibility to select sponsor families that will embrace and support these faith values when interacting with our children in order to assist in their spiritual growth and development. We ask sponsors to affirm that these are also a reflection of their own core beliefs in order to provide that spiritual support.

How to Become a Child Sponsor

  1. Review the Sponsor Information Packet, including our Statement of Faith (Sponsor Information Packet 2024).  Reach out with any questions, comments, or requests for clarification.
  2. If you are ready to move forward in the process, submit an Application for review by our Sponsor Committee (Click Here or button at left).
  3. Upon notification of Preliminary Approval status, submit information for a criminal background check.