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Fitness Challenge

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March 2023 - 31 day Fitness & Prayer Challenge

Running -- Walking -- Hiking -- Cycling


Calling all Ciudad de Ángeles supporters! In this 31-day challenge, you can make your miles truly matter. No matter where you are in the world.

Getting involved is easy and the challenge is free to join (donations welcome):

  1. Download the Kilter app (iOS/Android)
  2. Join our event - Ciudad de Angeles Going the Distance 
  3. Choose your team
  4. Link your fitness tracker (Apple Health, Strava, Google Fit, Garmin, FitBit, MapMyRun, Peloton, etc.)
  5. Solicit support donations!

HELP US RAISE $30,000!

Prayer Run Challenge

What do you think about while you're running, walking, or biking? Download our Going the Distance Prayer Run Calendar and spend a few minutes of your time praying for a specific segment of Ciudad life.

The best part is, anyone can do it!

  • Daily Step Counter 
  • Logged Runs, Walks, and  Hikes
  • Logged Bike Rides

Earn 100 points per mile for steps, walks, runs, & hikes and 100 points per 3 miles for biking!

Use your social networks to fundraise by getting others to help support your cause!  Or, you can donate even if you don’t want to participate in the challenge.

Everyone Can Participate!

Not into or don’t have time for “work-outs”?  Simply set your step counter to log your daily step totals, then go about your normal routine!  Or simply join us as a "prayer partner" and solicit support donations.

Anchor Congregations and Mission Teams

Did you know that we have 16 Anchor Congregations and Mission Teams that support Ciudad de Ángeles?

The closest one is the Northside Church of Christ in San Antonio, Texas and is 1,657 miles from Cozumel.  The farthest one is the Woodbury Church of Christ in Woodbury, Minnesota and is 2,908 miles from Cozumel.

The total distance of all of our these groups is 38,003 miles and the average distance is 2,375 miles.  If we raised just $1 per mile, that would be $38,003 to help our children.

Can all of our participating teams working together accumulate 38,000 miles on this challenge?

Anchor Congregations and Mission Teams