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Healthcare Fund

Our Child Sponsor program provides funds to cover basic medical services for our children — cuts, scrapes, bruises, fevers, infections, regular medications, etc.  And, local medical professionals continue to be generous in donating their services for the wellbeing of our children.

However, when a child has an extraordinary medical need, it may not be provided through our regular, annual operating budget or donated services in Cozumel.

A perfect example is that of Marcelina.  Marce spent 18 months in the States in order to receive a cochlear implant and subsequent therapy.  While there were untold direct donations of services by the medical community and individuals in the US that helped make this possible, many of her expenses had to be covered through fund raising efforts initiated by Ciudad de Ángeles supporters.

Likewise, in 2015, we postponed ACL surgery for one of our children, while we went about the task of raising the funds to cover the costs.

A double fracture in April 2016 required a surgical procedure to set the arm and a second child suffered a broken hand a few weeks later. One child has been suffering seizures and is likely facing open heart surgery at some point in future years.  And, yet another may need a cornea transplant.

In each of these cases, the costs incurred are simply not available in the normal operating budget.

Through our Healthcare Fund, our goal is to have a pool of funds “on hand,” so there are no unnecessary delays in providing the medical treatment that our children need, if and when the occasion arises.  Think of it as “funding in advance” for extraordinary situations.

Gustavo Broken Arm