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Education Fund


We recognize the important role that a good education plays in the lives of our children, but the circumstances, such as abandonment or abuse, that cause children to come into our care often cause delays or difficulties in school.

According to a 2014 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which measures standards in 65 industrialized countries, Mexico has the highest student-teacher ratios of all 65 OECD countries, and only 53% of 15-19 year olds in Mexico were enrolled in education, with only Columbia and China having lower enrollment rates.

Not all of our children will be college bound, but some type of post-high school education or training programs will give them a better chance of being able to be responsible citizens who can provide for themselves and their families.  In order to give them the best educational foundation, the board has committed to placing as many of our children as possible in private schools.

Child sponsorships have covered basic, public education for our children.  In order to enroll them in private school, it will cost us approximately $2400 per child per year.  The Education Fund will help us to meet these needs.  We are seeking donors who have a heart for education to help in this effort.