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Updated Site Plan 2018

Building additional housing allows us to serve more children and brings us closer to our capacity goal of 80-120.  The support buildings will allow us to better meet the needs of our children.

Due to successful retention of our high school graduates, our current Transition House has reached full capacity and we are using Casa 10 for overflow.  We have an urgent need to begin a new, larger Transition House in order to serve our young adults into the coming years.

Our Child Development Center will provide dedicated counseling areas and a consultation room, where routine dental, medical, and vision services can be provided on campus, as well serve to welcome visitors to campus and house administration staff.

The Multi-Purpose building will provide spaces for physical activities, regardless of inclement weather. In addition to a full-court gym, additional facilities will be available for karate, Zumba, dance, art, music, and swimming activities.  This building will also be made available for large church gatherings and social events.

The Commissary/Kitchen will serve to receive and store wholesale purchases of food for the campus.  It is designed to contain dry storage, a walk-in refrigerator, and a walk-in freezer, saving not only money, but time that is currently spent by staff shopping for groceries. Though the children will continue to have family meals in their houses, there will also be a commercial kitchen and dining area, which will serve for large gatherings, such as mission team meals, parties, etc.

Staff Housing will provide a quiet place where staff can "get away" on their days off, as well as designated housing for relief workers. Plans also include on-site housing for the Director and Sub-Director.

The central courtyard area will become the welcoming place for visitors. It will also serve as a gathering place for mission teams. In typical cultural fashion, the area above the water cistern will be transformed into a gazebo in the center of our courtyard.

A Maintenance Shop will provide secure storage for tools and equipment, as well as a work area for repairs.

For more information, including onsite presentations, contact James Maclaskey, Executive Director —

Map Key

1-10 Houses

11 Library/Resource Rooms

12 Transition House

13 Laundry

14 Child Development Center

15 Site of New Transition House

16 Cistern/Courtyard/Gazebo

17 Staff Housing

18 Multi-Purpose  Building

19 Pool

20 Commissary/Kitchen

21 Guest Housing/Emergency Shelter

22 Maintenance Shop

23-24 Director/SubDirector Housing