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Click here to see some of the methods of donating to Ciudad de Ángeles. Ciudad de Ángeles is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Your donations will help us provide a loving, healthy Christian environment for the orphaned and abandoned children of Mexico.


The Impact of General Donations

For several years, leaders of churches and other non-profit organizations have noticed a trend — the desire of donors to give to a specific project or need, rather than to a “general” fund.  While it is understandable that donors want to be sure that their contributions are “making a difference,” this trend leaves many organizations scrambling to find the revenue needed to “keep the lights on” and “the doors open.”

At Ciudad de Ángeles, there are almost always “special projects” that are outside the general operating budget, and those projects are addressed as funding is available for them.  However, in order to accomplish our mission, sufficient operational funds are vital.

Revenue from our child sponsors and anchor congregations directly support our children’s daily lives.  However, these funds are not sufficient by themselves to cover all of those expenses.  We are dependent on the generosity of other organizations and individual donors to help meet the remainder of our operating budget.

When you contribute to our general fund, or Area of Greatest Need, you help us put food on the table every day.  You help us keep the electric bill paid.  You provide for doctor visits and medication, transportation to school, a bed to sleep in, and house parents that love the children.  You cannot have a much greater impact on the lives of our children than providing for their daily living needs!

Ciudad donors come in all shapes and sizes.  From the 9 year old in Kansas who sends a portion of her allowance, to the young married couple in Tennessee who send $25, to the retired couple in Texas who send $500 a month, every supporter is a partner in the work of this mission!

Based on our latest tax return (2022), 90 cents of each donation dollar goes to our Program, 7 cents to General Administration, and 3 cents to Fundraising expenses.  Because our overhead is low, the direct impact of your contribution is great.

Please consider becoming a partner in the daily lives of our children.  Whether through a regular, recurring donation or periodic “one time gifts,” no amount is too small or too large to make a difference.

Here are some of areas in which we need your support:

Child Sponsorship - Our child sponsorships are the primary source of our operating budget in Cozumel.  These funds cover basic costs, including food, clothing, utilities, basic health care, school supplies and uniforms, local transportation, extra curricular activities, staff salaries, etc.  For more information on becoming a child sponsor, go to our Get Involved page.

Education Fund - We recognize the important role that a good education plays in the lives of our children.  For more information, go to our Education Fund page.

Angel Development Fund - From time to time, there are various needs or projects that require additional funding.  These may range from uniforms for karate class to playground lighting to purchasing vehicles.  For more information, go to our Angel Development Fund page.

Campus Development Fund - Construction of additional houses and support buildings allows us to serve more children and serve them in ways that better meets their needs.  For more information, go to our Campus Development Fund page.

Area of Greatest Need - Funds designated in this way are directed to our highest priorities at the current time.

Wish List - For those who want to provide in-kind donations, we keep a list of our most needed items, updated October 2023. List of Current Needs October 2023 here.