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Ciudad Sponsorships

Child Sponsors: By application only.  Child Sponsors are the pinnacle of our support system.  Our Child Sponsor model means more than just financial support.  It also means a commitment to develop a personal, mentoring relationship with a child. Click here for more information.


Often, there are people who are not ready or able to make the kind of commitment that Child Sponsorship requires, but still want to be partners in this work.

Here are some additional ways you can join us and become a true Ciudad Sponsor!

House Sponsor: $1,000+/month ($12,000+/year); Salaries for house parents, replacement appliances, maintenance projects, etc.


Funds from the following levels can help provide counseling services, campus ministry supplies & activities, internet access, transportation, etc.

Benefactor: $500+/month ($6,000+/year)

Patron: $150+/month ($1,800+/year)

Sustaining Sponsor: $25+/month ($300+/year)

Click here for more information about methods of making a donation.


Fill out the form below to let us know you want to be a Ciudad House, Benefactor, Patron, or Sustaining Sponsor!

Ciudad Sponsor Pledge

Please tell us what level of Sponsorship you are planning. (Note: Child Sponsorship is by application only. Check our website for more information.)
Please tell us how you plan to send support. *See details on our Make a Donation page. (Please email if you need assistance.)