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Spotlight on Floridalma

Floridalma and her “sister,” Dulce, were the fourth and fifth children to arrive at Ciudad de Ángeles on August 28, 2002.  She was 4 years old at the time.  While not actually “blood sisters,” Floridalma and Dulce were being raised as sisters by Dulce’s grandmother.  Since graduating high school, Flor has been studying tourism in…

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Spotlight on Norma

Norma came to Ciudad de Ángeles in July, 2005 at the age of seven and she will celebrate her 20th birthday at the end of this month (August).  Norma likes to cook and frequently cooks for the other Transition Students.  Her favorite food is Italian.  Norma’s favorite color is turquoise and she enjoys watching TV,…

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Spotlight on Geovany

Geovany, and his older brother Damian, were the second and third children to enter Ciudad de Ángeles.  They arrived in August, 2002 and Geovany was 5 years old.  Today, Geovany is 20 years old and has truly grown up at Ciudad.  His brother, Damian, still lives on the island and they see each other when…

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Spotlight on Chanti

  Chanti arrived at Ciudad de Ángeles in July 2003 at the age of six.  She is a people person and likes to talk and meet new people.  Chanti likes to listen to music — mostly pop in English and Spanish — and also likes to play basketball.  She likes pizza, but her favorite food…

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Spotlight on Carlos

Carlos arrived at Ciudad de Ángeles in November 2003 at the age of five.  He loves to play soccer (fútbol) and it is his favorite past time, as well as his favorite sport.  His favorite teams are Mexico Tigres and the team from Barcelona, Spain. Carlos likes POP music, both in Spanish and English, and…

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The Village News

[Note: The following article was written by Ellery McDaniel, age 9.  She submitted her article unsolicited and it was subsequently accepted and published in The Village News, a “neighborhood” paper serving an area in Southwest Houston, on August 23, 2016.  Ellery and her father, Caleb, joined her grandparents, Jim and Pam McDaniel, as members of…

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