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Brian Coffin Assumes American Director Position

Brian Coffin will assume the position of American Director at Ciudad de Angeles IAP in May 2013.  In his role, Brian will lead the staff in Mexico in the operation of the children’s home to assure the children receive the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and academic support required for them to grow into Christian adults.  He will also oversee the further expansion of the home to serve additional children.

Brian’s wife, Diva, will be highly involved in the work of the orphanage, too.

Board Chair, James McCreary, added, “Ciudad de Angeles took a God-led approach to fill this critical position.  Quality applications were received from more than 75 candidates.  The decision was difficult but was confirmed by the words of confidence that the Coffins received from our staff in Mexico, as well as solid feedback from the other orphanages where they have volunteered.”