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Spotlight on Carlos

Carlos arrived at Ciudad de Ángeles in November 2003 at the age of five.  He loves to play soccer (fútbol) and it is his favorite past time, as well as his favorite sport.  His favorite teams are Mexico Tigres and the team from Barcelona, Spain. Carlos likes POP music, both in Spanish and English, and…

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The Village News

[Note: The following article was written by Ellery McDaniel, age 9.  She submitted her article unsolicited and it was subsequently accepted and published in The Village News, a “neighborhood” paper serving an area in Southwest Houston, on August 23, 2016.  Ellery and her father, Caleb, joined her grandparents, Jim and Pam McDaniel, as members of…

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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Visit Ciudad

On Thursday, June 9, 10 cheerleaders from the NFL Philadelphia Eagles visited Ciudad de Ángeles. They were accompanied by 5 members of the cheerleader organization’s staff. The visit was a part of their annual summer program of visiting an organization that serves children and giving back in the form of time and donations. The cheerleaders…

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